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Guide to electric car

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are getting ever more's expected that millions of electric vehicles will be sold across the world in the next few years to come.But more EVs on the road will…

The smart car

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You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. your website by double clicking on a text…

The evolution of electric vehicle

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While you may think it's a modern invention, the electric car actually has an interestingly long history.1828-1835 Ever heard of Robert Anderson? While horse and carriage was the main mode of …

How a single fuel cell works

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Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles  Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles have been around for a while,but introduction to car shoppers has been held back by a chicken and egg dilemma:A successful retails launc…

5 Environmental benefits of electric cars

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The environmental benefits of driving an electric car comes along with health benefit for our environment,considering the environmental impact of …

The brace for cyber future of EV

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Driver less cars might be vision of sci-fi movies but today it's already a networks on the wheel,they're equipped with a myriad of computers that aims to improve driver effici…

Technologies behind self driving cars

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Driving into the future   The algorithms used in self-driving vehicles belong to the family of what we refer to as ‘machine learning’ algorithms. B…

Autonomous public transportation

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The future of the urban commute  Urban public transportation such as taxis, buses, and shuttles carries thousands of commuters everyday and soon it will be autonomous.forward-looking cities, trans…
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